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We promise not to share your email address or contact information. We're building a pack of connected dog parents that play with their pups in real life, not an email marketing list.

Post-Covid we will be launching indoor private on-demand dog play spaces and using AI for introductions to compatible doggy playmates.

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We make it easier to play with your dog

Almost 50% of the dogs in Americans live in apartments or homes without a private fenced-in yard or convenient place to play off leash.

Traditional public dog parks are too dirty, unsafe or just not fun for a lot of dogs and their owners.

DogPark is developing private on-demand pet play spaces, games for dogs and their owners to play together and ways for dogs of similar abilities to connect and play together.

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About Us

Founders Scott Taylor and Sylvia Heisel have built fashion brands, nightclubs and experiential art exhibitions. As urban dog parents they know one of the best parts of having a dog is playing with them and one of the hardest parts of city life is finding a good place to play.  

In September 2020 DogPark was selected as one of fifteen pet care startup to participate in Leap Venture Academy’s Bootcamp, a startup program for underrepresented pet care entrepreneurs working on an early stage idea or company and featured on the Purina 2020 Pet Care Startup Map.